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2018 Healthcare Significant Compromises

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Inherent Security provided an array of skills to deliver excellence in several distinct areas of need with managing a large-scale medical facility security assessment project for which they provided consulting services. Inherent Security demonstrated the solid ability to identify severe vulnerabilities and exposures through network assessments and penetration testing. They also identified significant gaps in the facility’s event monitoring and incident response programs. Inherent Security was able to provide recommendations and a phased approach for implementation, leading to a well-documented, operational cybersecurity strategy. I highly recommend the services of Inherent Security. The company is skilled at developing quick, solid rapport with clients that leads to trust and recognition, qualities that are very important during consulting engagements.
— Paul Dant


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We believe in leveraging your existing systems where possible and using a information security system framework to create a robust cybersecurity program. Our private consulting service provides a high-quality service experience that is focused on performance by using effective design, collaboration, and research. We also aim to give back by providing our expertise to clarify security assumptions an individual or organization may have by engaging in the social community.


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Inherent Security is a Cybersecurity consulting company established in 2017 by founder & CEO Larry Trotter II. Our company consists of security experts who thrive on research and engineering with backgrounds working on both the offensive and defensive teams. This provides us with the advantage of understanding attacker methods and how to defend.

 We have provided services across all sectors with a specialization in Healthcare.  Services include, but are not limited to Managed services, assessments, auditing, and program development. Our clients can expect certified experts with experience strategizing for cybersecurity programs.


Inherent Security researchers and engineers understand that the technologies today help organizations thrive using digital communication. The same technologies that allow organizations to expand and operate complex networks are also primary targets for attackers. With the highest priority on our customers, we believe you should proactively invest in security programs and sustain those programs to protect the information your customers are willing to share.